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I would like to say, Denise…you are an excellent mentor and coach. During the “leadership” class, I’ve heard great inspirational messages from John Maxwell not only that, you also provided great valuable information that was beneficial to stay afloat of my vision. Being in your presence, made me feel so valued, motivated, and inspired. Your words is like fire to the soul, it helps build me up and encourage me to want to do better.  It makes me want to go out there to the world and get ready to start my journey!


Before I met you I was lost, I did not know what to do with my business and I did not have any confident in myself. I have had negative thoughts bombarded me on a daily basis. I was ready to give up. Now that I got my passion back again, I'm ready to get back on track to soar with the help from you!


Know that I would forever cherish the time you have spent with me, it is worth every minute to uplift me. I cannot get enough of your inspirational messages that I feel the need to take the class everyday!


As John Maxwell quotes, “Things will get better when you grow”.




IDenise Williams, Thank you!!!


Your leadership class caused an upturn in my spirit. The freshness of your perspectives and your inspiring words has help me to look at life a different to always bet on me... "I appreciate you and your words of encouragement." I don't know when I have been more affected by one person... Denise you touched on some points that hit pretty close to home (Everyday value yourself, love yourself and I'm worth investing in myself).


I am so glad you seemed to notice me and took the timeout of your busy schedule to help me with my DREAMS. Your kind words settle my heart and gave me real hope on my journey in life, yesterday you gave me so many ideas and so much feed back.  As I listen to John Maxwell..."I will be the author of my own story." I WILL do something in my life and others if they are worth making a different in there lives. I appreciate you and your diligence and attention to detail. 

On January 7th I attended your live conference call with John Maxwell. I found the session to be useful and help me stay positive and passionate about my future goals. You've given me encouragement that my vision is possible. Your the definition of what Mr Maxwell was referring to : Value People, believe in them, and provides unconditional love.


I'm looking forward to working with you in both aspects business & Spitural

Thank you


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