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Keynote Speaking

Denise's keynote presentations inspire others to look deep within to accomplish more in their personal and/or professional life. She will inspire your audience to create their own unforgettable experiences. She delivers on target and specific messages in a way that your people want to hear while passionately infusing inspiration, motivation and simple techniques to initiate change.  


Denise is a gifted keynote speaker with a strong, inspiring and timely message of overcoming adversity, embracing courage and keeping hope alive.  Denise sets a personal example that touches people's heart as she shares a genuine and authentic personal experience.  Her strength lies in her having lived a life filled with real adversity, adversity which she handled with grace and which has fortified her with skills and attributes needed to empower others.  Denise is passionate about unleashing the power that lies within each of us.  She possesses the unique ability to inspire confidence in your audience, giving them no room for excuses by encouraging them in such a kind and gentle manner that they feel uplifted and empowered and not intimidated. She motivates the audience to feel more energized and enthusiastic! Attendees will leave with proven practical and realistic tools that they can put to use immediately - NOT just have enthusiasm for the time they spend hearing the keynote speech.  


Whether in the marketplace or church, Denise inspires and motivates those she comes in contact with to live a more fulfilled life.

Each Keynote presentation is tailored to suit your objectives.  For keynote speaking inquiries, send an email to or call 404-981-2099

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