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Meet Denise


We are all faced with obstacles in life, and we can either let those obstacles stand as stumbling blocks or we can use them as building blocks. Denise Williams chose to construct her future. She was born in the spring in a quaint southern town in Georgia. While she struggled with emotional pain, Denise began life aware that she could survive by aspiring to become a woman empowered by wanting to change the lives of others. 

Denise also took refuge in her church family. She began singing in the church choir and developed a voice that she still uses to move audiences. Her musical involvement kept her interwoven in the congregation and as she got older her voice moved from the choral group to behind the podium. It was there; unbeknownst to Denise, on children’s Sundays when she was acting as stand-in preacher that she was transforming herself into a speaker. 

Denise continued to flourish musically. In high school she changed roles from a singer to a drummer as suggested by one of her biggest inspirations John Bradley her band director. While she had no experience playing the drums, Denise’s musical background enabled her to not only learn the instrument, but master it quickly. She soon became the highlight of many performances as she stood up in her high heels to play her jazz drum solo. Many people in the crowds were amazed when they realized the talented drummer was a "girl". Even then she was standing as a symbol of strength, accomplishment, and femininity.


After high school she attended a business college where she graduated as the valedictorian of her class. Her journey continued to unfold in life experiences that lead to Denise giving her first official seminar in 2000. As Denise unraveled her painful past of abusive relationships and learning to cope the emotional pain from her childhood, she saw that the group of women before her was connected in a profoundly emotional way. The response to her first speech was one of overwhelming success, which came as a shock to Denise who did not yet realize the power she had to touch the lives of other women. Continuing to build her self-confidence and allowing the past to be nothing more than a lesson that she could reflect upon and learn from, Denise was becoming the woman she wanted to be against all the odds against her. Since then Denise has given countless seminars, keynote speeches and touched innumerable women with her experiences. Denise is passionately known as "The Ladies, LADY."


Although Denise is particularly popular as a women’s empowerment keynote speaker, she enjoys presenting to ALL groups. As a John Maxwell certified coach, speaker and trainer, Denise can offer customized seminars and workshops, engaging keynote speaking, individual or small group coaching and teaching webinars.  Denise’s commitment to helping others discover and develop their leadership skills led her to join the John Maxwell Team.  Her partnership with John Maxwell and The John Maxwell Team allows Denise to share John’s proven leadership methods that have changed her life as well as the lives of millions worldwide.

Having overcome many challenges that would have taken most people out, Denise continues to be tenacious, consistent and committed to helping individuals, teams and/or organizations to get into position to succeed, to THRIVE.  She shares proven principles with passion and strength.  Whether in the marketplace or church, she inspires and motivates those she comes in contact with to live a more fulfilled life. Today she continues to see her painful past transformed into power, and watch her life become the fruition of a little girl’s dreams that her woman hands never let out of their grasp.


Denise is an author and Founder/CEO of THRIVE Enterprises, Inc.  





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