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Group Coaching

Group coaching provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to join an empowering environment that supports them in achieving their personal and professional goals.    I will provide the guidance and support needed for like-minded individuals to clear new pathways to learning and development in a space free of judgment and pressure.  The strength of group coaching is the mutual support, accountability and encouragement that the group provides.  There is power in working together in a setting, that will both support you and challenge you to take it to the next level.


What are the benefits of Group Coaching?
  • You learn from the collective wisdom and insight of others

  • You gain motivation from coaching and group support.

  • You develop a strong community with shared resources

  • You brainstorm solutions in a group environment of mutual respect

  • You celebrate each other’s successes

  • You are challenged by a network of supportive people in a safe and confidential environment

  • You gain motivation and accountability from the group to set your own actions steps to achieve your goals



Group coaching can be an affordable alternative and supplement to individual coaching. Group coaching can be done both virtually for geographically dispersed participants or in person for same location participants. 

For Group coaching inquiries, send an email to or call 404-981-2099

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