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Together WE Thrive

Together We Thrive provides a space for talented writers to connect with like-minded individuals who work together to create writings that help empower lives, give back and enhance their exposure collectively.

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Together WE Thrive

Book Collaboration Project

(A Thrive Enterprises Initiative)

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” — — Helen Keller

Denise Williams and Together We Thrive are looking for 10 authors to join them in writing a book on resilience. We are looking for 10 authors to write ONE chapter in this book to share your authentic story of resilience.

Resilient people manage difficult times with a great perspective and strong mindset, having developed the inner strength to get through any obstacle that gets thrown in their way. This book on resilience will help readers to build their resilience by recognizing how valuable of a skill it is in their personal growth journey.

You have shown your ability to bend but not break while facing overwhelming challenges. You took a negative experience and turned it into something positive. Now you have overcome, and you would like to share your story of resilience with the world.

You have always wanted to write a book and you don’t know where to start and having a few helpful hands-on in community is exactly the motivation you need to jump-start your writing.


Maybe you are a published author, and you could join this robust writing community filled with support and leverage the opportunity to attract and nurture readers into leads and paying clients while creating an additional revenue stream in your business with no unnecessary deviation.


If that sounds like you, then join us for this thriving opportunity! Together WE Thrive could be your solution to achieving your authorship goals.


Together WE Thrive (TWT) provides a thriving writing community filled with support, excellence, coaching, information, accountability, strategy, and advice. It brings a writing team together to create books that help you change lives, give back and market yourself.

The Together WE Thrive resilience book project will afford 10 people the opportunity to join the team and become contributing authors. Each team member will complete one chapter in the book, which reduces the time commitment and makes the undertaking more do-able than an entire book writing project. As you complete this project, you will establish yourself as a contributing author, boost your credibility, and build your professional reputation. You will also be able to use this book as a promotional item and marketing tool for your business.

Each author contributes as a team:

●      Choosing the book’s cover.

●      Writing one chapter per author.

Each author receives:

●      Credibility and prestige as a “contributing author” and “published author” (priceless)

●      Lifetime ability to purchase the book at author’s cost (vs retail)

●      Chapter Editing + Formatting ($250 value)

●      Three book marketing graphics for social media ($350 value)

●      50 book promo cards ($65 value)

●      One 3-hour writing workshop for authors to write their chapter ($2000)

●      1 hour writing workshop focused on writing a bionic bio ($1000)

●      Monthly team calls (to discuss marketing, timeline, strategy, and progress) ($1500)

●      Support and coaching throughout the book writing process 

●      Book Launch Celebration

For an investment of only $249

As a team member, you need to be willing to stick to our timelines and be a team player. In return, we will help you meet your goal of delivering an exceptional chapter. We will give you industry knowledge, functional skills such as strategic planning, marketing, brainstorming, editing along with experience in the realm of writing and publishing. We will make sure this project goes from beginning to end, resulting in the publication of this book.

Simply put… We will coach you to success.

Jump in to be part of this thriving collaborative.



Together We Thrive allows contributing authors to position themselves as leaders at the center of our thriving community and build by connecting with like-minded individuals through enhanced exposure and the organic nurturing of readers into clients.


WHY BE A “Together We Thrive” Author?

  • Increase your credibility and influence

  • You can provide more value to your readers

  • Greater opportunities, such as speaking opportunities and podcasts

  • Increased accountability (to someone who isn’t you)

  • Attract more clients and boost sales in your business

  • Use the book as a training tool giving your clients more value and saving you time

  • Extend your network by being part of a book with other authors


Ready to join Together We Thrive (TWT)?

$249.00 investment (use PayPal button below) email confirmation will be sent upon receipt of your payment. 



























For more information about Together We Thrive (TWT).


Join with 1 payment of $249.00

Join with 2 payments of $124.50

Payment 2 is due no later than October 21 

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